TVP SSP is the ultimate solution designed exclusively for CTV publishers. It bridges the gap between supply and demand through powerful technology, demand path optimization, and actionable insights. With TVP SSP you can tap into the power of data-driven decision-making and revolutionize the way you sell your inventory.

SSP built specifically for CTV

Improve monetization with tools built for CTV

Maximize your revenue potential with our powerful set of tools built specifically to increase your yield monetization and operational efficiency. Effortlessly establish pricing rules, flight dates, pacing, frequency capping rules, and other parameters all in one place.

Our industry-leading UI is designed to give you complete control over your inventory and increase your monetization potential. You can easily create and manage deals with premium demand partners, monitor your performance, and optimize your campaigns all from a single, user-friendly platform.

Gain valuable insights into your performance with TheViewPoint's advanced reporting tools. Our platform allows you to conduct in-depth analysis of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performance with ease, thanks to real-time reporting capabilities. With our powerful reporting tools, you can stay on top of your performance metrics and optimize your inventory accordingly. Quickly build, customize, and export reports to make data-driven decisions.

Data and rates are not real and are for illustrative purposes.

Flexible Selling Options

Select the type of deals that best fits your needs and take home more dollars in your pocket thanks to our flat CPM fee.

Programattic 2x

Programmatic Guaranteed

Pre-negotiate price and volume terms for inventory that’s reserved for a specific buyer.

Private Marketplace 2x

Private Marketplace

Offer your premium inventory by invitation only to strategic buyers.

Open Marketplace 2x

Open Marketplace

Make your inventory available to multiple demand partners in real-time bidding.

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